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    Incredible, well made craftsmanship with multiple input and output options. Performs exactly how it's intended and does it well. Using an s-video CCTV monitor, I ran all my consoles through rigorous testing. From SNES to PS2, each looked fantastic going from SCART to S-video conversion. Extremely pleased. Well worth the wait. 10/10 would purchase from again. Thank you very much!
    Service: thank you for your support .
  • US$ 90.00



    I bought this converter, as an enthousiast, to use with a MiSTer FPGA and downgrade its RGB output to my beloved blurry composite on a selected number of platforms (mainly Super Nintendo and PC-Engine in my case). It was a jump in the dark, as I wasn't sure it would work. It did, and how beautifully. I had to fiddle with the settings at first (the 5v switch had to be set to off, and the system switch set to PAL for colours to feel appropriate on my setup), but once done, I hardly could tell the difference between a Laser Active's output and the MiSTer using this board. This is exactly what I was hoping for. The Japanese fonts look as blurry as I remember them. Also: it is a very fancy item. Cheers!
    Service: Thank you for your evaluation, which gave me the greatest motivation.
  • US$ 90.00


    B ****os

    Amazing, well-built and with plenty of options for any setup that requires S-video or Composite out. I've tested this beautiful device with a PS2, Wii (combined with a downscaler) and a PCs outputting 15khz from VGA ports (crtemudriver). Works great for my use case, and I've even been able to split the S-video signal to two monitors thanks to the dual outputs.
    Service: Thank you for your support and waiting. You like this device so much, it makes me very happy, this is my biggest motivation!
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    An amazing piece of work, the all in one solution for people who can't afford/put an arcade cabinet at home, it's OSSC safe and even looks good in a living room, plus Axun is a very cool guy who answer fast and kindly to your questions, you have definitely winning a customer man ! Hope to deal with you again soon !
    Service: Thank you for your recognition and evaluation. I don't just sell them, but also express my love. Because I take all the items in the production process seriously, all you need to do is to wait patiently.
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    First off - this unit is built like a tank! I love the JAMMA extension that shows both voltages as well as the different power options (full JVS and Namco extension). I tested many different boards and systems (NAOMI2, Namco 265) and everything worked w/o a hitch! Having small things like the ability to shift the video signal horizontally and vertically is a huge added benefit! And - a power switch!! Small thing, but it really helps in my setup.
    Service: Thank you for your recognition, this is a great motivation for me!
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    Really love this supergun, a lot of settings and good quality 👍 My Sigma av5000 and av7000 can go quietly in the box while I test this. Thank you so much for your hard work. I am a new fan of you ❤️ take care. Best regards from Switzerland.
    Service: I am very happy that you like it so much, thank you for your appreciation, I will do better!