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NAOMI DIMM CF/NET MOD (Compatible with Chihiro & Triforce)

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NAOMI DIMM CF/NET MOD (Compatible with Chihiro & Triforce) Item NO.: 497547

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US$ 410.00
NAOMI DIMM Program board (NETCF) Azumanga-Daioh-Puzzle-Bobble Border-Down Capcom-Vs-SNK-2 Chaos-Field Crazy-Taxi Dead-or-Alive-2-Millennium Demolish-Fist Dirty-Pigskin-Football Dolphin-Blue Dynamite-Deka-EX Fist-Of-The-Northstar Giant-Gram-2000-Zen-nihon-Pro-Wrestle-3 Gigawing-2 Guilty-Gear-Isuka Guilty-Gear-X-ver-1.5 Guilty-Gear-XX-Accent-Core GUNSPIKE Ikaruga Initial-D---Version-3 Karous Knights-of-Valour Mamoru-kun-wa-Norowarete-Shimatta Marvel-vs-Capcom-2 Melty-Blood-Actress-Again Metal-Slug-6 Mobile-Suit-Gundam---Federation-Vs-Zeon-DX Powerstone Power-Stone-2 Project-Justice---Rival-School-2 Psyvariar-2 Radirgy Radirgy-Noa Rhythm-Tengoku Rumble-Fish-2 Samurai-Shodown-6 Sega-Tetris Shikigami-No-Shiro-2 Slash-out Spawn Spikers-Battle Sports-Jam Street-Fighter-Zero-3-Upper Tetris-Kiwamemichi The-King-of-Fighters-Neowave The-King-of-Fighters-XI The-Rumble-Fish Trizeal Under-Defeat Virtua-Fighter-4-Final-Tuned Virtua-NBA Virtua-Striker-2-Ver Virtua-Striker-3 Virtua-Tennis-2 zero-gunner-2 Zombie-Revenge Virtual-ON-Oratorio-Tangram-MSBS-Ver566 Confidential-Mission Death-Crimson-OX Gun-Survivor-2---Biohazard-Code-Veronica Heavy-Metal---Geomatrix Lupin-3---The-Shooting Puyo-Puyo-Fever Senko-no-Ronde-SP The-House-of-the-Dead-2 The-Maze-Of-The-King The-Typing-of-the-Dead Capcom-Vs.-SNK -Millennium-Fight-2000-Pro Akatsuki-Blitzkampf-Ausf-Achse Neogeo-Battle-Coliseum Virtua Golf Capcom-Vs-SNK-Millennium-Fight-2000 Virtua-Fighter-4 Virtua-Fighter-4-EVO
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Product Name NAOMI DIMM CF/NET MOD (Compatible with Chihiro & Triforce)
Item NO. 497547
Weight 4 kg = 8.8185 lb = 141.0958 oz
Category Custom Made > Arcade modification
Creation Time 2020-10-22

This is a NETDIMM program board dedicated to the  NAOMI host. It is the price of a modified DIMM program board. The host and other accessories are not included. (1 CF test card included)

NET: Transfer ROM from computer or Raspberry Pi to DIMM memory to run.

CF: It can be automatically read and loaded into DIMM memory when it is turned on. The process is similar to GDROM, but it is more convenient and faster.

All orders are made by hand, and after the order is placed and paid, hand-made will be arranged in order. I will deliver the goods as soon as possible under the premise of preserving the quality and arrangement, and update the waybill number on the website as soon as possible. Choosing high-cost transportation is for better tracking and arrival, and does not mean that the goods can be shipped immediately after placing the order. We need time to make it. Thank you for your understanding and waiting!



Worth the wait!

The attention to detail in making this device is top quality. The wait times are long but worth it. You won't find a better piece of kit on the internet. This device loads faster than the cd obviously but it's also less moving part, less wiring and less of a power draw. This is now my preferred module to run, just remember, this doesn't make the unit a hot swap game system. Still need to boot appropriately.
Service:thank you for acknowledging this device.