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  • 2022-09-11
    I believe this is the best SCART switcher in the market. More inputs than any other option I know of. 2 simultaneous outputs work great after adjusting gain. Can be used also as a passive switch (no power needed), though you won't have access to the extra features like that (H-V adjust and RGB gain for 2 outputs). No added noise to either video or audio. Super quality build, looks nice too.

    No other switcher allows both EuroRGB and JP RGB at the same time, even when unplugged. And led Wells you what consoles are on so you know which switch to press quickly. I don't know why the switches are in reverse order, but no big deal.

    Only thing missing is automatic switching, but for my setup is not a big deal.

    FYI, from date of order to arrival it took about 2 months and three weeks, be advised! Totally worth it though. Comes with a lots of cables, those are good quality too.
    Service:Thank you for your valuable review. I wish you a happy life
  • 2022-08-15
    Solid switcher. I only have two remarks. One, I discovered that it does not route the SCART signal pins other than RGB related. A Shame since I will have to route the odd S-VIDEO systems around this switcher. Given the increased complexity of routing all pins, it is understandable though. Another disappointing aspect is lack of automatic switching. The switcher LED indicates which port is getting a signal, but the port has to be switched to manually. Would have been nice if there was an automatic switching option to avoid having to do it by hand every time one switches from system to system.
  • 2021-05-10
    This SCART/JP-21 Switch is awesome works well no issues so far....
    Service:Thank you! Hope it can bring you more good times.