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RGB to Composite & S-Video Ver2.0
RGB to Composite & S-Video Ver2.0


US$ 110.00
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  • 2024-04-16
    I bought this for my dual output setup. One goes to my retrotink/4k tv and the other goes to my crt tv. Where I am at, scart was never available on consumer tv's so I used this to convert rgb scart to svideo. The picture is great and the converter itself looks fantastic next to all my other gear/switchers/cables.

    Thanks for the awesome and well made product!
  • 2022-04-25
    Thank you so much for a wonderful bit of kit, where I was trying to get a decent solution to convert RGB to S-Video (as the monitor I have only has S-Video input). I've had a play last night and the results were very impressive and i'm very happy. The build quality is very impressive and sturdy and was well worth the asking price. Thank you!!
    Service:Glad you like it. Thank you for your appreciation!
  • 2021-11-17
    One word: Amazing! I bought this converter to be able to transform RGB or composite into S-VIDEO (PVM 14L1) and it’s perfect! The picture is beautiful and I can finally display my PAL mega drive on the screen!
    A big thank you to Axun for the quality of the product and the great packaging!
    Service:Thank you for your compliment, it brings me energy, it makes me work harder
  • 2021-03-30
    Incredible, well made craftsmanship with multiple input and output options. Performs exactly how it's intended and does it well. Using an s-video CCTV monitor, I ran all my consoles through rigorous testing. From SNES to PS2, each looked fantastic going from SCART to S-video conversion. Extremely pleased. Well worth the wait. 10/10 would purchase from again. Thank you very much!
    Service:thank you for your support .
  • 2021-02-16
    I bought this converter, as an enthousiast, to use with a MiSTer FPGA and downgrade its RGB output to my beloved blurry composite on a selected number of platforms (mainly Super Nintendo and PC-Engine in my case).
    It was a jump in the dark, as I wasn't sure it would work.
    It did, and how beautifully.
    I had to fiddle with the settings at first (the 5v switch had to be set to off, and the system switch set to PAL for colours to feel appropriate on my setup), but once done, I hardly could tell the difference between a Laser Active's output and the MiSTer using this board.
    This is exactly what I was hoping for. The Japanese fonts look as blurry as I remember them. Also: it is a very fancy item.
    Service:Thank you for your evaluation, which gave me the greatest motivation.
  • 2021-01-19
    Amazing, well-built and with plenty of options for any setup that requires S-video or Composite out. I've tested this beautiful device with a PS2, Wii (combined with a downscaler) and a PCs outputting 15khz from VGA ports (crtemudriver). Works great for my use case, and I've even been able to split the S-video signal to two monitors thanks to the dual outputs.
    Service:Thank you for your support and waiting. You like this device so much, it makes me very happy, this is my biggest motivation!