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JAMMA extender (Built-in generation -5V function)

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JAMMA extender (Built-in generation -5V function) Item NO.: 619674

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US$ 60.00
JAMMA extension - Taiwan FUTURE (medium bite) JAMMA extension - Japan HRS (medium bite) SIGMA - JAMMA extension - Taiwan FUTURE (medium bite) SIGMA - JAMMA extension - Japan HRS (medium bite) CPS1 kick harness CPS2、3 kick harness STV kick harness MK3 Ext Button harness
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Product Name JAMMA extender (Built-in generation -5V function)
Item NO. 619674
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Custom Made
Brand AxunWorks
Creation Time 2021-03-06

Can generate -5V output, if your JAMMA does not have -5V output, don't worry, turn on this function to make it more complete (some PCBs need -5V to have sound)
CPS KICK input and output interface, compatible with CPS series external keys, such as Street Fighter 456KICK

The EXT and JAMMA switches switch the KICK routing method. For example, when CPS is connected to KICK input and JAMMA extender, it can be adjusted to JAMMA when output, that is, KICK456 is integrated into JAMMA channel.

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