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  • US$ 250.00



    An amazing piece of work, the all in one solution for people who can't afford/put an arcade cabinet at home, it's OSSC safe and even looks good in a living room, plus Axun is a very cool guy who answer fast and kindly to your questions, you have definitely winning a customer man ! Hope to deal with you again soon !
    Service: Thank you for your recognition and evaluation. I don't just sell them, but also express my love. Because I take all the items in the production process seriously, all you need to do is to wait patiently.
  • US$ 250.00



    First off - this unit is built like a tank! I love the JAMMA extension that shows both voltages as well as the different power options (full JVS and Namco extension). I tested many different boards and systems (NAOMI2, Namco 265) and everything worked w/o a hitch! Having small things like the ability to shift the video signal horizontally and vertically is a huge added benefit! And - a power switch!! Small thing, but it really helps in my setup.
    Service: Thank you for your recognition, this is a great motivation for me!
  • US$ 250.00



    Really love this supergun, a lot of settings and good quality 👍 My Sigma av5000 and av7000 can go quietly in the box while I test this. Thank you so much for your hard work. I am a new fan of you ❤️ take care. Best regards from Switzerland.
    Service: I am very happy that you like it so much, thank you for your appreciation, I will do better!