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RGB to Composite & S-Video Ver2.0
RGB to Composite & S-Video Ver2.0


US$ 110.00
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  • 2021-03-30
    Incredible, well made craftsmanship with multiple input and output options. Performs exactly how it's intended and does it well. Using an s-video CCTV monitor, I ran all my consoles through rigorous testing. From SNES to PS2, each looked fantastic going from SCART to S-video conversion. Extremely pleased. Well worth the wait. 10/10 would purchase from again. Thank you very much!
    Service:thank you for your support .
  • 2021-01-19
    Amazing, well-built and with plenty of options for any setup that requires S-video or Composite out. I've tested this beautiful device with a PS2, Wii (combined with a downscaler) and a PCs outputting 15khz from VGA ports (crtemudriver). Works great for my use case, and I've even been able to split the S-video signal to two monitors thanks to the dual outputs.
    Service:Thank you for your support and waiting. You like this device so much, it makes me very happy, this is my biggest motivation!