WelCome to AxunWorks !

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  • 2021-06-06
    I purchased this through an Aliexpress vendor for 2x this amount and IT WAS STILL WORTH EVERY PENNY! This device has made my dreams come true! When i found the creator's page, I had to come here to personally thank you for making this high quality device and making my dreams come true! This is the only device an arcade enthusiast needs and it will exceed your expectations!
    Service:Thank you for giving me motivation
  • 2020-08-19
    First off - this unit is built like a tank! I love the JAMMA extension that shows both voltages as well as the different power options (full JVS and Namco extension). I tested many different boards and systems (NAOMI2, Namco 265) and everything worked w/o a hitch! Having small things like the ability to shift the video signal horizontally and vertically is a huge added benefit! And - a power switch!! Small thing, but it really helps in my setup.
    Service:Thank you for your recognition, this is a great motivation for me!