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[CHANGE SYNC] Sync separation box, suitable for CRT TV or color monitor with RGBS/RGBHV

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[CHANGE SYNC] Sync separation box, suitable for CRT TV or color monitor with RGBS/RGBHV Item NO.: 5005

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Product Detail
Product Name [CHANGE SYNC] Sync separation box, suitable for CRT TV or color monitor with RGBS/RGBHV
Item NO. 5005
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category custom made 定制 > Video Converters
Creation Time 2020-06-02

[CHANGE SYNC] The synchronous separation box is suitable for RGBS/RGBHV CRT TV or color monitor

Main items:
  CHANGE SYNC box [Black]

  Red white yellow 3RCA output cable + red green blue 3RCA output cable
  4 RCA female to BNC male connectors
  5V power supply

Signal input / Input (Yellow RCA):
   -AV composite video / or composite video
   -Or S terminal brightness channel / or s-video .Y
   -Or component component green channel / or component .G

Signal output / Output:
   -(Yellow RCA) composite sync signal / composite sync
   -(White RCA) horizontal sync signal / horizontal sync
   -(Red RCA) vertical sync signal / vertical sync

Applicable to all kinds of 15KRGB external synchronous output host such as:
    RGBFC, SFC, N64 modified, NGC European version, WII European version, PCE modified, MD1, MD2, SS, DC, NEOGEO AES/CD, PS1/2, XBOX1 generation, Raytheon AV7000, arcade JAMMA, etc.

Applicable to various display devices:
    With RGBS RGBHV interface CRT, plasma, LCD monitor or projector, CRT three-gun projector
Common CRT monitors are PVM2130 2730 2950 14/20L4 14/20L5 14/20N6E N2E 14/20E and so on. . .

Various RGBHV home TVs with separate synchronization interfaces such as SONY CRT series:
KV-HR36M90, KV-HR32M90, KV-HR34M90, KV-HZ34M80, KV-HZ29M80, KV-DC34M80, KV-DC29M80, KV-DA32M84, KV-DA34M80, KV-DA34X80, KV-DA29M80, KV-DA29X80 Anniversary edition KX32HV50 etc. . .

SONY rear projection series:

KP-FW51M90A, KP-FW46M90A, KP-FW46X90A, KP-FX43M90A

All orders are made by hand, and after the order is placed and paid, hand-made will be arranged in order. I will deliver the goods as soon as possible under the premise of preserving the quality and arrangement, and update the waybill number on the website as soon as possible. Choosing high-cost transportation is for better tracking and arrival, and does not mean that the goods can be shipped immediately after placing the order. We need time to make it. Thank you for your understanding and waiting!


  CHANGE SYNC盒子     [黑色]


信号输入 / Input (黄RCA): 
   - AV复合视频 / or composite video
   - 或 S端子亮度通道 / or s-video .Y
   - 或 色差分量绿通道 / or component .G

信号输出 / Output:
   - (黄RCA)复合同步信号 / composite sync 
   - (白RCA)水平同步信号 / horizontal sync
   - (红RCA)垂真同步信号 / vertical sync


    带RGBS RGBHV接口CRT、等离子、液晶监视器或投影机、CRT三枪投影机
CRT监视器常见有PVM2130  2730 2950 14/20L4 14/20L5 14/20N6E N2E  14/20E等等。。。

各种RGBHV 带分离同步接口的家用电视如SONY CRT系列:
KV-HR36M90、KV-HR32M90、KV-HR34M90、KV-HZ34M80、KV-HZ29M80、KV-DC34M80、KV-DC29M80、KV-DA32M84、KV-DA34M80、KV-DA34X80、KV-DA29M80、KV-DA29X80、 SONY 50周年纪念版 KX32HV50等。。。


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